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Life-sized Elephant from one Piece of Paper by Origami Artist Sipho Mabona 


why do i have to get a job instead of being like, i dunno

summoned by the deku tree

Today I realized that there are a lot of ex-workmates and people that want me to have a girlfriend… I guess the Universe is telling me something.


Ao Shin, The Storm Dragon


Ao Shin, The Storm Dragon


Mineral Monsters

Decided to toss them all into a photoset for convenience. It was a fun week!

Sources: Mineralists, Friends of Minerals Forum, Wikipedia Creative Commons, You Flaming Brute


Middle Earth


[Papercraft] Perfect Strike Gundam: Modeled by denes54. Photoreview No.13 Big Size Images


Teaching sexism at a young age.


Teaching sexism at a young age.



lathmar holi festival in the small indian villages of nandgaon and barsana in the northern state of uttar pradesh. men from one village sing provocative songs to gain the attention of the women in the other village, who then pretend to beat them back with bamboo sticks called lathis. the tradition is based on the story of lord krishna and his shepherd friends flirtatiously throwing colours on radha and her cowherd girls, who in turn chased them off with sticks. the festivities are heightened with thandai, a drink laced with a bhang paste made from ganja. photos by daniel berehulak, jan kostal, mahesh kumar and sanjay patel

they fact I’m not going to be in india for holi IS KILLING ME